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About Us

Lincoln County funeral home since 1903

Higgins Funeral Home has served Fayetteville and Lincoln County for four generations, back to the days when a horse-drawn hearse transported the deceased from home to church to cemetery.

Much has changed since January 1, 1903, when Hiram, Eugene, and Owen Higgins opened Higgins Brothers Furniture and Undertaking on the northwest corner of Fayetteville Square. The community has changed, growing in size and diversity. Funeral and burial practices have changed, too, in ways that might have shocked our Victorian founders in their full-dress black tails.

But our family has been a constant presence for more than 115 years, caring for your family during difficult and emotional times.

Funeral customs change with time

As a full-service funeral business, Higgins Funeral Home provides pre-planning, at-need services, and referrals to after-care services.

Funeral services and memorials today feature personalized touches that celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed on. We offer a memorial DVD using old photographs and video footage that is shown on a screen during visitation and sometimes the service itself.

The family of one golf fanatic asked our staff members to skip the suits and wear khakis and golf shirts at the memorial. Families no longer must choose between a visitation and earth burial or cremation without visitation. How we celebrate each life has become personalized.

When my great-grandfather and his brothers started the business, the deceased was laid out in the home where friends would call to comfort the bereaved family. Embalming, if done, took place in the home. The family selected casket interior materials, which the undertaker installed. A retired fire horse pulled the hearse to the community church for a service and led the mourners to the cemetery.

Our high standard for service endures

The three Higgins brothers sold off the furniture business in 1931 to dedicate their efforts to helping Lincoln County families through times of loss.

Their commitment to providing personal, high-quality service has been passed down through the generations, first to Phillip Higgins, Hiram’s son and my grandfather, then to Charles Higgins, my father, who joined the family business in 1972.

Our business home was built in 1987, and as a child, I played hide-and-seek while my father worked. After working in the tech industry in Colorado, I returned to Fayetteville in 2001 with my wife Amy and our two children to work at the funeral home.

As my father neared retirement, I took a more active role and now am a fourth-generation owner who proudly continues the Higgins family legacy of compassion and service.

We’re here when you’re ready

You don’t need to make every decision right away. Our funeral directors are experts ready to guide you when the time feels right to make your own arrangements.