Funerals and Memorial Services

Personalized funeral arrangements

Funerals and memorial services can be elaborate or simple, religious or secular. They can be held in a place of worship or next to a favorite lake. Whether it includes burial or cremation, services can be altered to fit the wishes of the deceased and his or her survivors.

There is only a small difference between the two terms. A funeral service remembers the deceased with the body present. A memorial service pays tribute to a person without his or her body present.

  • A body is present at a funeral
  • The body is not present at a memorial service

Traditional funeral practices

A traditional or “full-service funeral” usually includes a viewing or visitation and formal service. It may include the use of a hearse to transport the body or cremated remains to the service site and cemetery.

A traditional service may include the following:

  • Memorial DVD
  • Use of a hearse
  • Utility car
  • Register book
  • Acknowledgment cards
  • Memorial folders or prayer cards

Higgins Funeral Home works closely with family members to make the service itself personal. We’ve included favorite songs, special readings, original poems, collectibles, and even a golf cart into funeral planning. A traditional service does not mean an impersonal one.

Funeral and memorial services are not frivolous but can feature humor. Each one is different because each person is different. A service that celebrates a life both honors the deceased and awakens memories for both family and friends. The formal and informal storytelling that accompanies each death creates a bridge across generations, reinforces religious customs, and provides a sense of peace.

  • Celebrate the life of the deceased
  • Include religious customs or family traditions
  • Personalize traditional services with music, special readings, collectibles, and more

We’re here when you’re ready

Our team of professionals is ready to work with you to customize a service that meets your budget and specifications.

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