Funerals and Cremation Services

Funerals and Memorials

Higgins Funeral Home is here to support you through the loss of your loved one, offering both traditional funeral services and memorial services to create a meaningful tribute no matter the circumstances.

Funeral Services: A funeral service provides a space for family and friends to gather and say their final goodbyes. We can help personalize the service to reflect your loved one’s life and beliefs.

Memorial Services: A memorial service allows you to celebrate the life of your loved one without the presence of the body. This option offers more flexibility in timing and location, and can be a great way to create a personalized tribute.

Whether you choose a traditional funeral service or a personalized memorial service, Higgins Funeral Home is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer a range of options to create a meaningful and lasting tribute to your loved one.


Saying goodbye to a loved one is a deeply personal experience. When it comes to laying them to rest, there are two primary choices: traditional burials and green burials. Each option offers a unique way to honor the deceased and their wishes.

Traditional Burials: This familiar practice provides a permanent resting place and a space for family and friends to gather. Traditional burials typically involve embalming, a casket, and a gravesite within a cemetery.

Green Burials: A growing trend, green burials prioritize a minimal environmental impact. These burials utilize biodegradable materials like shrouds or wicker caskets, and avoid embalming fluids. 

Considering all your options? Learn more about the details and benefits of traditional and green burials.


Cremation offers a dignified alternative to traditional burial. At Higgins Funeral Home, we understand this choice and provide compassionate cremation services with care and respect.

Following cremation, you have a variety of ways to remember your loved one. Choose from a beautiful urn to take home, a scattering ceremony, or permanent placement in our columbarium at Higgins Cedar Hills Memorial Gardens.

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