Lincoln County Grave Monument Services

Cemetery monuments and grave markers

Higgins Monument Company was established in 2014 after years of personalized service to the Fayetteville community. Expanding our services to include offering monuments provides another way for our community to honor and remember their loved ones.

Our commitment to the families we serve is to provide the highest quality and craftsmanship possible. We pride ourselves on carefully creating meaningful, custom monuments, and cemetery memorials. 

Our skilled designers can help add a favorite photo, graphic, symbol, or epitaph that depicts the personality of your loved one. Whether in advance of a loss or after a loss, the Higgins family is here to serve.

Monument headstones and grave marker types

We offer a wide range of customized grave monuments including:

Single & double grave monuments

Bronze & granite flat grave markers

Granite memorials

Upright monuments

Upright headstones

Bench memorials

Cremation memorials

Pet memorials

Private and family estates

Veteran grave markers

Porcelain memorial portraits

We are honored to work with you to carefully craft the eternal reflection of your loved ones. If you have questions about our custom memorials, please contact us.

Our Process at Higgins Monument Company

What is a grave monument and why is it important?

A grave monument is an eternal reflection, in memory of a person or event. Cemetery monuments are also known as gravestones, headstones, grave markers, memorials, or tombstones, and can be made of granite, bronze, marble, and mountain/sandstone.

Because this is the final reflection of a unique life, we encourage our families to think through the most important pieces of that life and share that with our monument specialists. This allows us to capture that unique life story and create a monument that tells that story.

Speaking with our monument specialists

During your appointment, you’ll meet with our monument specialists in a comfortable design room. They will work with you to share the knowledge and creativity needed to help memorialize a unique life story. Our specialists provide solutions for your unique situation that includes: price quotes and payment options, custom artwork, spelling and grammatical accuracy, local cemetery quality compliance regulations, and most importantly, addressing your questions and concerns.

  • Work one-on-one with our monument specialists
  • Develop a unique monument to memorialize the life story of your loved one
  • Get professional assistance with design and cemetery compliance regulations

Bringing the reflection to life

After meeting with our monument specialists, our team will begin to produce an image of your monument. Once the hand-drawn image is produced and your level of overall satisfaction is achieved, we work with digital artists to render a high-quality image of your piece of art.

We will then seek your written approval and payment and begin diligent work with the chosen cemetery to ensure a worry-free delivery and/or installation experience. At that time, our specialists begin the follow-up process with one purpose in mind – to make sure that the family is satisfied.

Peace of mind

At Higgins Monument Company, our one purpose is to bring peace of mind to families that are grieving. This is why we’ve cultivated a reputation of quality service to our Lincoln County community for more than a century.

Through our funeral services, a perpetual care cemetery, and our custom grave monuments, it is our goal to help you tell a life story and properly honor the deceased.

Our design team

Chris Ross

Hope DeJarnatt

We’re here when you’re ready

We are honored to work with you to carefully craft the eternal reflection of your loved ones. If you have questions about our custom memorials, please contact us.

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