More than a century of our family caring for your family.

More and more people are deciding years in advance how they want their funeral, memorial service and burial handled. Called pre-need planning, the practice eases the burden on surviving loved ones and makes the deceased’s wishes crystal clear.

 Nearly one-third of people in the U.S. choose to pre-arrange their after death care. We’ve watched the numbers grow here in Fayetteville and also see our preneed clients getting younger and younger.

 It is not at all unusual for us to work a couple, both in their mid 50s or early 60s, to make advance arrangements. Coming up on retirement, they choose to hammer out the details now so they can enjoy the next chapter of their life – and spare their children the worry and expense when their time does come.

Thinking about your own death can feel weird. Planning your own funeral can feel awkward.

 But after going through the process, the overwhelming sentiment our clients report is relief. They also express surprise that preneed planning was so comfortable.

 Higgins Funeral Home’s highly trained, empathetic staff puts them at ease, walking them through all their options. Informed, rational decisions are far easier to make without the emotional stress of an imminent or sudden death.

 People who have had to plan an at-need funeral often make their own pre-need funeral arrangements. They’ve juggled grieving with orchestrating an at-need service and know how physically and emotionally exhausting it can be.

 Carol Foster of Fayetteville, for example, chose preneed after having to plan funerals for both of her parents.

 “Talking about your funeral doesn’t mean you’re going to die tomorrow,” Carol says. “It means that you are being proactive.”

 In many ways preneed is a gift to the next generation.

 That’s how Mary Ann Gray of Taft saw it. She was three years old when her mother passed away and, with her own arrangements now made in advance, knows the burden won’t fall on her children.

 Preneed eases a difficult time for loved ones, providing family members a sense of peace so they can support each other knowing the big decisions have been made.