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Why Preneed?

Preneed has gained popularity on a national level. Over 30% choose to prearrange and that number is only going up. Even here in our small community of Fayetteville, preneed is a choice that many of your friends and family are making.

Much has changed since my family began servicing this community over a hundred years ago: We’ve grown, the community has grown, funeral practices have changed, and a good chunk of people are prearranging their after death care. We recognized the need to keep up with the times, and that’s why our highly trained staff is so able to help.

Preneed makes a difficult time for loved ones easier

Our family gets it—even thinking about your own death is weird. Even weirder is thinking about planning your own funeral. But as Carol Foster of Fayetteville came to realize as she talked to our aftercare counselors, “Talking about your funeral doesn’t mean you’re going to die tomorrow.” It means that you are being proactive. A great deal of people who come in to see us for preneed are people who remember how it felt to plan an at-need funeral.


Mary Ann Gray of Taft remembers her first experience with us when she was three years old and her mother passed away. What an emotionally trying time grieving is. Carol recalled her experience with her own parents’ deaths and how difficult it was to plan their funerals while she grieved. That was why she came to us for her preneed arrangements. She didn’t want anyone to have to go through the process of planning a funeral while they are grieving for her. Mary Ann always knew she would opt for preneed care at some point and is relieved that her children won’t have to plan her funeral.

They are not alone in their reasoning. One of the most common reasons we hear when a person comes in for preneed care is that they don’t want their children to be burdened with costs and planning of their funeral.

Planning your own funeral doesn’t have to feel weird

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So many people who come through the doors of our funeral home will express to us how surprised they are that their preneed experience was so comfortable. They are immediately put at ease by our highly trained, empathetic staff. They know all of their options and can make rational, informed decisions.

Afterward they express relief.

Since many previous generations did not opt for preneed, they remember like Carol did how difficult the at-need experience can be (at-need means to take care of funeral arrangements when the person has passed away). While it is initially difficult to think about, once they have walked through our doors they told us it was so worth it. Those who have not done so already would recommend our preneed services to their friends and family.

In our small community, reputation and quality service is of the highest importance. We strive every day to help our people such as Carol and Mary Ann to meet their preneed goals in a comfortable, informative and helpful fashion. In turn, they recommend that you give preneed—and we at Higgins Funeral Home—a try. We promise this is a decision that you , and your family, will be happy you made.

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