More than a century of our family caring for your family.

Higgins Funeral Home Grief Recovery

In an effort to continue to meet the needs of the families we serve as well as the needs of the community, Higgins Funeral Home will offer a complimentary Grief Recovery program to provide a safe and caring environment that fosters encouragement, education, and healing

Benefits of Perpetual Care Cemeteries

Benefits of Perpetual Care Cemeteries Tennessee is made up of 42,169 square miles. This gorgeous state is broken up into 95 different counties, and within those counties there are 189 registered cemeteries. However, there are actually thousands more that are not registered. The beautiful thing

Why Preneed?

Preneed has gained popularity on a national level. Over 30% choose to prearrange and that number is only going up. Even here in our small community of Fayetteville, preneed is a choice that many of your friends and family are making. Much has changed since my family